Time passes quickly like a white pony shadow across a crevice. Thank you for being with Cardaurora, and I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you on behalf of our company. But we also realize that some customers may have left us at some point.

We are aware that you have been dissatisfied with our service, and we apologize for this. During this time, we have been working to improve our services and continuously optimize them in response to your feedback. We sincerely hope to be your trusted partner again. We have reshaped our products and services to better satisfy your needs, and now our platform not only offers more features and better trading experience, but we are also introducing dedicated reward policies and other benefits to earn your confidence again.

We sincerely invite you to test our products and services again and have some special rewards and surprises for you.

Daily Reward:

(1)600 naira reward for sign up successful

(2)600 naira reward for first successful selling

(3)600 naira reward for inviting friends trade successful

(4)200-2500 naira rewards for big selling

More Reward:

(1)800Naira New Vip Rewards + TOP VIP REBATE  on Wednesday Super VIP DAY

(2)Big Selling Rewards Up to 5,000 Naira on Wednesday Super VIP DAY

(3)If your suggestions are very effective for us, we will give you some extra reward

(4)Follow us on social media get rewards 100-1000 naira

I wish you can give us a chance to work with us and let us create a better future together. If you would like to experience our service again, or have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us(WhatsApp:+234 704 158 1387).

With love,

Last modified: 2024年 4月 10日



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