Dear CardAurora VIP,

We so appreciate that you have been using CardAurora, Thank you for your support and trust. Now we have an exciting news to share with you: Every Wednesday is CardAurora’s Vip Day, a day where you can not only exchange your gift cards with a good rate but also allow you to earn additional big rewards!!


All Vip rebates are upgraded to VIP5 [Top rebate 2.2%]

e.g. 10k naira transaction, 220naira rebate

Yes, that means no matter how much you trade, You can get the highest level rebate on VIP day!


Get more rewards for the first transaction.

If this is your first day of VIP, as long as you complete your first order of $20 or more on the VIP day, you can get an additional 1,000 naira first-order reward.

Ok boss, I wish you a happy Wednesday, and you can receive more benefits on Vip day!

No more waiting, it’s easy for everyone. Find our app on your App Store/Google Store or click the download link. Download it and create an account of your own. Then congratulations, you have become one of our Cardaurora distinguished VIPs. We wish you a pleasant journey here.

Still have any questions? Contact us 24*7 online customer care:  +234 704 158 1387

Last modified: 2024年 4月 10日



Peter Victor 

I love this website

Good app


Lionel wiser 

This is the best app to trade your gift cards with high rate

Sanni Muhammed 

I’m happy using this Cardaurora

Terry Brooks 

Trading and credits are swift and Yummy with CardAurora 😁😊

Hassan Taiwo Mukaila 

Great I enjoyed it

Hassan Taiwo Mukaila 

I enjoyed it trading with you guys

Thanks CardAurora

Thanks CardAurora I really appreciate

I’m glad to hear this from your company this is so exciting

Good site I love it


Smith Clara 


Very easy for me to redeem my gift card

Bamidele Shoki wrie wrie 



Usaini usman Abdullahi 

I love my website

Fast and reliable

Wisdom ekpete 

See also List and other

Ogbuanya chidera 


Okay thanks

How to trade my card gift

Samson osiebe 

Very good

Daramola Feranmi Samuel 

How can I get my rebate

Thanks for this app

How can I get my money

Wahad yusuff 

Greatest app

Best app

I love this site


Great app


Kenneth Udeh 

I really love being apart of this great VIP club

Sunday Stanley 

I love this website This is a very great and reliable website

Victor Donvic 

They’re reliable, Fast and easy.

Victor Donvic 

They’re reliable, Fast and easy. I have been trading here over 6months.

They’re reliable, Fast and easy

Thanks,Great app and it’s very reliable 😚😚😚

I am happy using cardAurora to trade my gift card

Abudul Rahim 

I love this app❤️

Nice platform they are fast and reliable 💯💯

Nice platform they are fast and reliable 💯💯

I really love the app

Big shout out to CardAurora and nice doing business with you, I love you allot 🫂🩶👻💦✊🏻

CardAurora I love you allot 🫂🩶👻💦✊🏻

This app is the best app, i give this app a 100 applause ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

very easy, fast , and reliable love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love the app

Very easy fast and realiable ❤️❤️

Five stars for you guys

Try CardAurora, test and confirm, tested okay

very easy, fast , and reliable love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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