Super member day on Wednesday, special rewards are presented. VIP Day is the day we thank everyone for their love and support. As our valued member, you deserve to enjoy additional rich rewards. We will do our best to provide you with excellent trading experience. Not only is there a higher exchange rate for gift cards, but also more transaction rewards and rebates are waiting for you, 24*7 online to provide you with considerate and fast trading experience. Make sure you can enjoy unparalleled and distinguished treatment.

CardAurora super vip day every Wednesday. There will be so many surprises and rewards on that day. You can miss the bus from work, but you can’t miss the surprise of vip day!

NO.1 1,000Naira New Vip Rewards + TOP VIP REBATE 

1,000Naira New Vip Rewards: If this is your first day of VIP, as long as you complete your first order of $20 or more on the VIP day, you can get an additional 1,000 naira first-order reward.

Top Vip rebate: All Vip rebates are upgraded to VIP5 [Top rebate 2.2%]

e.g. 10k naira transaction, 220naira rebate

NO.2 Trading Get Additional Rewards 

On VIP Day, our gift card exchange rate has increased by 10%, and if you are a new VIP, you can get an additional 1,000 naira first order reward, and there will be more rewards and rebates up to 2,500 naira!

Let’s do the math: If you have 100$ steam gift card, you will get 56,000 Naira, and you will get an extra 300 Naira Trading rewards + 112 Naira VIP rebate+ 600 Naira First trade rewards, so last price is 57,012 Naira. We has successfully defeated 80% of the vendors!

How can I become a VIP?

Very simple, find our app on your App store/Google store or click the download link. Download it and create an account of your own. Then congratulations, you have become one of our Cardaurora distinguished VIPs.

Better News

Every Wednesday will be our SUPER VIP DAY, We’re going to do this until the end of the world. If you miss this Wednesday, there are surprises waiting for you next Wednesday, and you can look forward to it forever. In addition, we will also distribute more VIP benefits on other days.

Look no further! Join us now and enjoy the surprises!

Okay, if you have any questions u can contact our customer care(+234 704 158 1387), 24/7 Online listen to your concerns. Looking forward your to your call.

Last modified: 2024年 4月 10日



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